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Septic Systems Drouin uses a non-mechanical, single chamber, totally natural that will handle all your sewage, wastewater and organic waste, converting it into a reusable clear, aerated liquid fertiliser for your plants.


For rural septic systems in Drouin we have designed an extremely energy-efficient system with very low running costs. Worm technology provides a natural, Eco-friendly alternative to sewage and wastewater management.


For commercial projects that need septic tank systems in Drouin look no further. We design and install large commercial septic systems for farming, mining industry, caravan parks and school camps.

Septic Systems Victoria


We can retrofit 80% – 90% of existing septic tanks. To complete the conversion we require a septic tank chamber that is in good structural condition with a capacity of at least 3000 litres. Find out more.

Septic Systems Drouin

Since 1996 we have been designing, building and installing septic systems for domestic, commercial and rural applications throughout Drouin.

The septic system converts your organic waste, sewage and wastewater into a completely natural liquid fertiliser that is distributed underground throughout your property.

Septic systems Drouin are super-fast at processing your sewage, wastewater and organic waste. In fact, 20 times faster than any normal septic system. All household wastewater and organic garbage, including food and vegetation, as well as some weeds is processed by our system. Combined with naturally occurring organisms, the worm liquid is recycled into a liquid fertiliser and distributed under your garden and lawns.

Reliable & Eco-Friendly Septic Systems Drouin

By using our organic septic tank system you are able to take responsibility for all your organic waste, sewage and wastewater. Organic garbage disposal to landfill can be reduced by up to 90% and that’s a great result for your environment. The worm farm waste system is Australia’s No 1 totally organic solution for processing sewage and wastewater.

Besides domestic sewage treatment systems, we also specialise in commercial and rural wastewater treatment options. If you need an old system retrofitted we can do that too. No other septic system on the market today cares for you and your environment like our warm farm waste system.

For site specific septic tank systems in Drouin look no further. We can design and install a package to suit your individual needs. Call 03 5979 1887 or contact us today by email.

How Our Septic Systems Work

If You Need A Septic System Choose GREEN

Here’s Why:

  • 21 Years in the wastewater industry (since 1996)
  • 10 Year System Warranty
  • We help with Council Permit Applications
  • Approved in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA & NT
  • $20 per year based on a 4 bedroom house
  • You are not locked into a service contract
  • No desludging every 3-5 years
  • ResidentialCommercial & Rural Systems
  • 20 times faster than other septic systems in processing sewage solids
  • Suitable for all climates – Alpine and Tropical areas

People Are Talking About Our Eco-Friendly Septic System

Just Installed

Plumber Melbourne
We just had our system installed a few weeks ago. I would really like to thank everyone at Worm Farm Waste Systems for their professionalism throughout the whole process. You basically sorted out all our issues with council which was a real blessing. Totally recommend you guys. Thanks again for everything.

Damien R

Best Choice We Ever Made

Plumber Melbourne
Hello, Liz. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Yes, we will send all the information to the new owner. We are sad to leave our little block, with the worm farm the best choice we ever made for the block, But due to health and family issues, we have moved to Brisbane and now dealing with the city sewerage system. Thank you so much, especially to Alan who was so wonderful to Doug when he installed our system. Doug loved him . Thank you again



The Smart Choice

Plumber Melbourne
We’ve had our system for over 2 years now and it’s been the smart choice of the septic systems we looked at. The running costs have been minimal and its needed no maintenance. It’s been excellent using the system day to day including the disposal of our organic waste. Big plus for the environment as well. Highly recommend this septic tank system to anyone. NSW Central Coast

Helen K




All your black and grey water including sewage is processed by our system and used as an underground liquid fertiliser for your plants, lawns and bush-land. Worm castings from the system are absorbed into the soil combined with processed wastewater to help your trees, shrubs, roses, annuals, lawn and hedges to thrive.

If you want to recycle your organic garbage in a way that improves your environment, then Septic Systems Drouin is the answer. Our system has a huge capacity for organic garbage, unlike other systems that can only accept very small quantities and generally only through an insinkerator. If it’s an old septic system then organic matter is prohibited altogether.

Years of extensive research and development means that our natural, eco-friendly wastewater treatment system offers a simple solution which uses minimal energy for the disposing of organic garbage. The liquid fertiliser also contains worm eggs which are washed out of the system to hatch and live. The worms then move about scouring and aerating the soil.

Here’s Why People Use Our Truly Organic Septic System

  • The system does not smell
  • You will not be locked into a service contract
  • No noisy pumps
  • Natural liquid fertiliser for your garden
  • We can retrofit existing septic systems
  • 10 Year System Warranty
  • Low running costs just $20 per year
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Australia’s No 1 Organic

Septic Tank System

We design site specific domestic, commercial and rural sewage and wastewater septic tank systems in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, SA & NT.



Reliable Low Cost Solution For Wastewater

Our wastewater treatment system is the industry leader that delivers sustainable and efficient sewage and wastewater treatment solutions that help to maintain clean eco-systems. For commercial septic systems Drouin you can rely on us. We can design, build and install quality commercial septic tank systems for your site. From animal boarding kennels through to private schools and corporations with staff canteens, we’ve worked on a variety of waste processing projects.

These include:


Commercial Septic Tank Systems for commercial projects in Drouin

One of the largest infrastructure costs in establishing a commercial project is sewerage and wastewater treatment. A commercial grade septic tank system will process sewage, wastewater and organic garbage, producing a natural liquid fertiliser for the garden and reducing waste disposal costs. A prime example is the Dorrigo’s Cork Memorial Medical Centre.


Sewage, Organic Garbage & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

For Caravan Parks or Camping Grounds in Drouin our Septic Tank System is the perfect solution to process all sewage, wastewater and organic garbage. A prime example is the Stony Point Caravan Park that initially had two systems Retro fitted and later on had two new septic tank systems installed to bring the park up to specification.


Septic Tank Systems for sewage, wastewater and organic waste management

This septic tank system is so flexible that schools can also benefit from it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable features. At the Montessori School in Gisborne we installed a system that would process all their sewage, wastewater and organic garbage. 


Organic Garbage Management Solutions

For a pure organic garbage solutions look no further. Our system processes all food waste including meat, citrus, onions, garlic, dairy, weeds and small prunings. We have installed many systems for honey producers, biscuit manufacturers, function facilities and restaurants.


Organic Garbage & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

This powerful wastewater treatment processes animal waste. Horse waste – a system with the same volume as an Olympic Swimming Pool has been installed on a horse stud. This system processes up to 5 tonnes of horse waste and is the largest and most advanced waste treatment facility in the Southern Hemisphere.


Natural Septic Tank Systems for Organic Garbage Solutions

Zoos Victoria employs environmentally sustainable practices throughout their workplace and activities. Our wastewater treatment system was the perfect match when Healesville Sanctuary was looking for a solution to deal with all the food preparation waste. Kilos of waste need to disposed of everyday but not anymore!


Commercial Septic Systems Drouin

We also supply eco friendly septic tank systems to the mining industry for the processing sewage and wastewater. In Dec 2013 we retro-fitted fifteen existing septic tank systems at Mt Isa mines converting them to an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment systems.


Eco Friendly Commercial Septic Tank System Drouin

The worm farm waste system has the capacity to process sewage, wastewater and organic 20 times faster than standard septic system. Thats why Flavorite Tomatoes in Warragul and Select Harvest in Carina West (Mildura) use our system.


Tell us about your site and the organic waste you need to be processed and if you need assistance with determining the required sizing or cost of installing commercial septic systems Drouin, please contact us on 03 5979 1887 today.

Septic Systems Victoria
Kevin Bartlett Reserve
Commercial Septic Systems Victoria
Somers Camp
Commercial Septic Systems Victoria
Healesville Sanctuary
Commercial Septic Systems QLD
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Commercial Septic Tank System in Brisbane

Caltex Brisbane

Low cost & Eco Friendly Commercial Septic Tank System

You Yangs

Horse Stud Sewage and Wastewater Treatment System

Pinecliff Horse Stud

Commercial Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Chua Quang Minh Temple

Parks Victoria
Mt Isa Mines
Healesville Sanctuary
City of Yarra

We have been installing septic tank systems in Drouin since 1996 from large scale commercial applications to rural and domestic sites. When it comes to Eco-Friendly totally organic sewage and wastewater management solutions, we are Australia’s No 1!



You can save up to $900 pa on Power Consumption

No Service Contracts will save you even more

We design and install energy-efficient and environmentally friendly rural septic tank systems in Drouin. An innovative yet simple worm technology provides hobby and commercial farms with a natural, Eco-friendly alternative to sewerage, wastewater and organic garbage disposal.

From animal waste facilities, horse studs, camping grounds, commercial farms and more, we can provide site specific organic waste disposal and wastewater treatment for all rural applications. Whether you require a new installation or retrofitting of existing septic systems Drouin, we can accommodate all your needs.

Our system is non-mechanical and super fast at processing your waste. Its an Eco-Friendly worm wastewater treatment system that converts your waste into reusable liquid fertiliser for your garden, lawns and bush land. It can reduce your organic waste disposal that might normally go to landfill by at least 90%. Our worm technology is a proven environmentally sustainable solution for rural septic systems Drouin.

Go GREEN With Australia’s Most Powerful

Eco-Friendly Septic System

Septic Systems Victoria

Septic Systems That Are GREEN

We Install Septic Tank Systems in Drouin



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